Coaching in Organizations

Organizations are experiencing the power of coaching in accelerating the development of executives and leaders at all levels. Coaches help people develop using day-to-day challenges as opportunities for learning. The creation of personalized development plans, coupled with coaching assistance to focus on key actions and behaviours to achieve goals, helps to ensure plans are carried through. Coaching discussions enable integration of the learning to meet future challenges.

Effective coaching requires highly developed interpersonal skills and self-awareness, a collaborative framework, and the ability to quickly develop trust and respect with others.  To recognize recurring patterns of action and encourage more satisfying results, coaches must be keen observers of self and others.  At the same time, those who coach in an organizational context need to consider organizational realities and priorities.  

In this two-day seminar, participants will sharpen their coaching skills, develop clarity about their coaching process, consider strategies for learning about the organizational context and receive feedback in coaching activities.  Participants will leave with practical coaching skills they can use immediately.


  • Definition of coaching
  • Coaching model and process
  • Establishing the coaching agreement
  • Clarifying and maintaining confidentiality
  • Framework for learning about the organizational context
  • Essential skills for effective coaching
  • Utilizing 3600 feedback in the coaching process
  • Exploring assessment data; engaging the client in discovering patterns
  • Creating awareness of underlying beliefs, perceptions, influences
  • Recognizing and reinforcing strengths
  • Determining the most important areas for change
  • Collaborative goal setting and development planning
  • Providing clear, direct feedback
  • Encouraging stretches and implementation of new skills
  • Coaching for life long behavior change - changing habits
  • Coaching leaders in crisis
  • Providing support for new behaviors and actions

Who will Benefit

This course will benefit external and internal coaches as well as leaders who want to take their coaching capability to a higher level.  The practical approach and emphasis on practice opportunities will address needs of those who have experience in coaching as well as those who would like training in order to get started.

Instructor: Donna Arvidson
Course: (info coming soon)
Dates: Winter 2007
Times: 8:30am - 4:30pm

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